Alex Duffy does talking on the radio for a living. This is a website about that.

You can currently catch Alex Duffy on the Bauer Network weeknights 1am-6am, nationally on Heat Radio weekday afternoons 1-4pm, and at weekends in Birmingham on Free Radio Saturday & Sunday 7-11am. He can also be heard as the main daytime cover presenter for Key 103 and Hallam FM as well as other stations in the Bauer Network.

Previously, Alex spent four years hosting The Pulse Of West Yorkshire Breakfast Show alongside Becky Holmes. Together they won awards, significantly and consistently grew the audience, met some amazing people (Matt Cardle four times), and nearly fell in the Leeds-Liverpool Canal.

If you'd like to get in touch to, ya know, tell me about your day or summat, try the 'contact' section. By the way, I'm much more likely to respond if your email contains offers of drink or food. Or both. Just putting that out there...

Much love, Alex x